The Geneva Environmental Plan: Reducing noise, improving air quality

The Geneva Environmental Plan: Reducing noise, improving air quality

Geneva International Airport (GVA) is firmly committed to sustainable development. It has, for many years, implemented a series of environmental measures as part of its quality, environmental and safety management system, and in April signed up to the Declaration on climate change at the ATAG Aviation & Environment Summit, which includes a commitment towards carbon neutral growth. Marc Mounier, head of environmental department, outlined the airport’s environmental objectives to 2010. Ross Falconer reports.

Fraport’s strategies for environmentally sustainable growth

Fraport announced plans earlier this year to reduce carbon emissions through a climate protection programme. Louise Driscoll spoke with Dr Peter Marx, Fraport’s vice president of environmental management, about the green strategies being pursued to support its major expansion projects, which will include a new runway and an ‘eco’ terminal.

LFV – real action on the environment

LFV’s environmental strategy is inextricably linked with its overall business plan. Impressively, the LFV Group already became Climate Neutral in 2005 through the BLICC (Business Leaders Initiative on Climate Change) network. As part of LFV’s business plan to 2011, environmental targets centre on three areas – air quality, noise and rain water. Ross Falconer spoke with Olle Sundin, Managing Director of Regional Airports at LFV, and Kim Stenberg, Environmental Manager.

Summit yields four-pillar approach towards ‘carbon neutral growth’

The 3rd Aviation & Environment Summit was held in Geneva on 22-23 April. It brought together around 450 CEOs, regulators, environmental and communication representatives from across the industry, intensifying joint efforts to limit aviation’s environmental impact. Significantly, industry leaders signed a Declaration on climate change, with a commitment to lead towards carbon neutral growth and a totally sustainable industry. Ross Falconer reports.

East Midlands – making bold environmental gains

East Midlands Airport made an ambitious commitment in its 2006 Master Plan – to be carbon neutral in all its ground operations by 2012. Central to this aim is the plan to install four wind turbines on site, which will be up and running by the end of 2008. Ross Falconer spoke with Neil Robinson, Environment and Safeguarding Manager, about the airport’s innovative environmental strategy.