The new technologies set to revolutionise the airport journey

The new technologies set to revolutionise the airport journey

As increasingly empowered passengers seek new ways to take control of their own travel experience, the industry has embraced ever more ingenious technologies and intelligent innovations in answer to demands for an extraordinary airport journey. Be it to ease navigation, reduce waiting times in queues, provide flight information or help airports to plan, Information Technology and inventive solutions are shaping air travel as we know it. Amy Hanna discussed the industry’s most cutting-edge next-generation solutions with the companies at the forefront of today’s technological revolution.

An insight into the world of boarding bridges

Callum Tennent spoke with one of the world’s biggest boarding bridge solutions providers – ADELTE – to gain a better insight into this aspect of the passenger experience.

LAX plans multi-sensory passenger experience

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is currently undergoing a major transformation, the centrepiece of which is the new Bradley West Terminal. Ahead of participating in the 1st Future Travel Experience Europe Conference at ACI Airport Exchange, Dominic Nessi, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), spoke to Ryan Ghee about the unique passenger experience that is being created.

Improving the airport experience

Traditional signage and manned information kiosks are becoming less commonplace as airports and airlines continue to offer new solutions to assist with passenger enquiries and create a more relaxing airport environment. Ryan Ghee reports.

New report reveals more digital interaction between airports and passengers

ACI EUROPE’s ‘Digital Report 2012’ was launched at the 21st ACI EUROPE Airport Trading Conference and Exhibition in Oslo in April. A follow-up to last year’s ‘Airports 2.0’ report, this year’s report has an even broader scope and highlights the ways that airports are making the most of social media, smartphones and internet-connectivity, to forge a stronger relationship with passengers. Ryan Ghee reports.