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Planning for a sustainable future

Planning for a sustainable future

As a means of helping airport operators reduce their carbon footprint and grow in a sustainable manner, specific design and planning techniques can be applied when constructing new airport facilities.

First TMT The Mobile Terminal opened at Geneva Airport

TMT The Mobile Terminal officially handed over its first terminal facility to Geneva International Airport on 20 January. The TMT solutions are designed to provide a flexible and sustainable means for airports to bridge temporary capacity shortages. Ross Falconer spoke to Thomas Melcher, managing director and inventor of TMT The Mobile Terminal.

Munich Airport set for new Terminal 2 satellite

As Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 approaches full capacity just eight years after its opening, construction of a new satellite facility will commence this year, ahead of becoming operational in 2015. Dr Michael Kerkloh, Munich Airport CEO, outlined the project to Ryan Ghee.

Airport interior design holds key to improved passenger experience

As airports around the world search for innovative ways to increase business while also providing a pleasant experience for the passenger, the design and architectural techniques applied to the airport interior are proving to be more important than ever before. Ryan Ghee reports.

Exploring the airport of 2030

Airport architecture is an ever-evolving field and innovative architectural techniques are continually being explored in the quest to design the ‘airport of the future’. Ryan Ghee reports on what we can expect from the airport of 2030.