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A unique, more efficient airport of the future

A unique, more efficient airport of the future

The rapid development of new technologies will not only revolutionise the future passenger experience, but the actual design and construction techniques applied to the post-2020 airport. Ryan Ghee explored what we can expect from the airport of the future with Curtis Fentress, Principal-in-Charge of Design at Fentress Architects, and Alexander Laukenmann, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Environment and Sustainability, Fraport.

The importance of innovative architecture

K+P takes a holistic, ecological, and climatically innovative approach to intelligent airport projects worldwide, enhancing operations through attractive architecture, a future-focus and sustainable development for balanced airport growth. Amy Hanna discussed the relationship between intelligent airport design and an extraordinary passenger experience with Architect and Airport Planner Norbert Koch, Managing Partner of K+P Architekten and Stadtplaner.

FRA inaugurates Pier A-Plus

The latest stage of the ongoing development of Frankfurt Airport (FRA) came to fruition on 2 October when the new €700 million Pier A-Plus was officially opened. Ryan Ghee reports.

London Luton’s Master Plan for a ‘bigger, better’ airport

The UK Department for Transport forecasts that by 2030, demand for air travel through London’s airports will have risen to 180 million passengers per year. London Luton Airport’s Master Plan, which is currently undergoing a public consultation, foresees improving passenger facilities to enable the airport to handle 18 million passengers per year by 2031. Ross Falconer reports.

Recognising the importance of airport wayfinding

A combination of simplicity and innovation is key to providing an intuitive wayfinding process for the passenger, and airports are now complementing permanent signage with the latest smartphone technology to provide the best possible passenger experience. Ryan Ghee reports.