Patrick Ky appointed EASA Executive Director

Patrick Ky appointed EASA Executive Director

Patrick Ky assumed his new role as Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on 1 September 2013. Vastly experienced, he has worked in the civil aviation arena for more than 24 years, including managerial positions in the French Civil Aviation Authority and at EUROCONTROL.

Green giants

ACI EUROPE launched Airport Carbon Accreditation in 2009, and today, 75 European airports have become Airport Carbon Accredited. They welcome over half of Europe’s air passenger traffic – more than 900 million passengers each year. Of these airports, 14 have received the highest accreditation – Neutrality – and three pioneering operators, dedicated to minimising the aviation industry’s carbon footprint, are behind their success in sustainability. Amy Hanna spoke to Swedavia, Avinor and SEA SpA, to find out how Europe’s most forward-thinking operators are leading the way for carbon neutral airports.

New ICAO noise standard: What it means for airports

Aviation noise – a pillar of the European Commission’s ‘Airport Package’ – is perhaps becoming the key environmental issue for many European airports, whose comprehensive noise management strategies highlight their desire to be good neighbours and ensure sustainable growth. The ninth meeting of ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) in February agreed a new noise standard for newly certified aircraft types. Ross Falconer reports.

Check-in 3 enhances VIE’s green credentials

In fitting with Vienna International Airport’s (VIE) approach to environmental sustainability, the new Check-in 3 facility – also known as Skylink – makes use of a variety of techniques to reduce its environmental impact. Julian Jäger, the airport’s COO and a speaker in the Airport Development Conference at this year’s ACI Airport Exchange, spoke to Ryan Ghee.

Researching Decarbonisation… from the ground up

There are numerous European initiatives aiming to reduce carbon emissions from the aviation industry; the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, Airport Carbon Accreditation to name but two. However, one pollution factor perhaps too often overlooked by the public is the pollution from surface access. Industry stakeholders are working together on a project called ‘Decarbonated Airport Regions’ to investigate the issue properly. Marius Nicolescu reports.