Ultima - ensuring compliance of bird control data records

Ultima – ensuring compliance of bird control data records

Scarecrow’s Ultima is a Bio-acoustic bird control unit that autonomously collates compliant data records of any bird control activity. It centres on a vehicle-mounted Tablet PC, GPS receiver and a bio-acoustic processor unit, containing the distress calls of 14 species, loaded to the airports specification. Scarecrow has supplied Ultima to several airports, including Delhi International and Christchurch International, in the 10 months since its launch.

bagport: UK’s first concession based trolley scheme at Bristol

bagport has signed a five-year concession-based trolley contract with Bristol International Airport and plans to lead the innovative ‘bagweighahead’ system into the international market.

Opscom delivering tailor made innovations

Focused on improving operations and safety at regional airports, Tore Mosand, director of sales and marketing at Opscom, gives his view on the level of efficiency at European airports and describes the management system innovations that Opscom will be exploring in 2008.

Setting lighting standards

Offering a broad spectrum of all necessary airfield lighting equipment, Honeywell Airport Systems provides a variety of products, all of which comply with international standards – ICSO and FAA.

Vanderlande fills gap in market

Suppliers of automated baggage handling systems, Vanderlande Industries is launching its new Baxorter mid-range capacity sorting system.