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ACI EUROPE board meets the European parliament

ACI EUROPE board meets the European parliament

On the occasion of their first meeting of 2009, the Board of ACI EUROPE was invited by Paolo Costa MEP, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, in collaboration with Dr Yiannis Paraschis, President of ACI EUROPE and Director General, Olivier Jankovec, to dinner at the European Parliament.

Latest Airport capacity warning yields active response

In the closing quarter of what has been a very difficult year for aviation, all sides are looking for efficiency gains, with a view towards optimising capacity, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. A cooperative agreement between EUROCONTROL and ACI EUROPE was formalised at ACI EUROPE’s Airport Exchange event in Berlin in October, committing the two organisations to work together to address airport capacity issues, with an initial focus on Airport-Collaborative Decision Making. Simultaneously, EUROCONTROL announced the results of its authoritative Challenges of Growth study, which confirms that, notwithstanding the present crisis, Europe continues to face an airport capacity crunch. Less than a week later, the EU Observatory on Airport Capacity held its very first meeting. Ross Falconer reports on how conversation is switching to action.

Landmark environmental resolution at ACI EUROPE Annual Assembly

The 18th ACI EUROPE Annual General Assembly, Congress and Exhibition took place in Paris from 18-20 June. The event attracted around 500 delegates and more than 30 exhibiting companies. The high-level conference provided a productive forum at a critical time for aviation with key themes being the environment, the airport capacity crunch, the airport-airline relationship and how airports can further their place in the hearts of travellers. Ross Falconer reports.

New SES legislation highlights need for capacity on the ground

On 25 June, the European Commission adopted the second policy and regulatory package for achieving the Single European Sky – SES II.  The proposals aim to improve the sustainability and overall performance of European aviation. The approach is based on four pillars – regulating ATM performance, a single safety framework, new technologies and managing capacity on the ground. Ross Falconer reports.

Aviation and the EU ETs – Where it’s at and the next steps

As part of its Climate Change strategy, the EU is now firmly committed to the greening of transport. Aviation is at the forefront, with the legislative process for its inclusion in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) nearing completion. Yet, uncertainty and risks remain high for the industry, as political considerations and untested proposals seem to dominate. Report by Etienne Van Zuijlen and Robert O’Meara.