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Aviation and the EU ETs - Where it's at and the next steps

Aviation and the EU ETs – Where it’s at and the next steps

As part of its Climate Change strategy, the EU is now firmly committed to the greening of transport. Aviation is at the forefront, with the legislative process for its inclusion in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) nearing completion. Yet, uncertainty and risks remain high for the industry, as political considerations and untested proposals seem to dominate. Report by Etienne Van Zuijlen and Robert O’Meara.

SMAG engaging with the regions on a European scale

The ‘Open Days’ event organised by the EU Committee of the Regions (the EU advisory body representing regional and local authorities) is an invaluable annual three-day event where regions and cities come together from all over Europe to exchange and debate on policies for regional integration and strategies aimed at creating growth and jobs. For the second time, ACI EUROPE Small and Medium Size Airports Action Group participated in the event, joining forces with ARC (Airport Regions Conference) for a roundtable workshop on airports and the environment. Robert O’Meara reports.

Key findings of European Air Transport study announced

Consulting firm Ambrosetti recently carried out a study, the goal of which was to formulate proposals to advance the European air transport industry, specifically its airports, by identifying current and future risks and opportunities, as well as strategies to boost their competitiveness and efficiency. Steering Committee member Prof Karel Van Miert presented the key findings at the Forum Ambrosetti. Ross Falconer reports.

Demonstrating why flying matters

FlyingMatters, a coalition of trade unions, business and tourism groups, as well as aviation stakeholders, was formed last year to articulate and support the case for the sustainable growth of aviation in the UK. Ross Falconer spoke with the Director of FlyingMatters, Michelle Di Leo.

European Commission decides against limiting cabin baggage size

The European Commission has withdrawn plans to set legal limits to the size of cabin baggage, recognising that the effectiveness of the measure does not justify the additional costs and inconvenience to travellers. It is a move welcomed by Europe’s airports and airlines. Ross Falconer reports.