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Airport Safety Certification: EASA is soon starting rulemaking process

Airport Safety Certification: EASA is soon starting rulemaking process

The previous issue of Airport Business (Winter 2009) featured the first “EASA news” section, providing the readers of this magazine with a regular update on EASA’s activities in the field of airports. In the current issue, we present the newly formed department for ATM and airports and we look at EASA’s approach to runway incursions. Article by EASA.

ACI EUROPE prepared for challenges on drafting Implementing Rules with EASA

Starting this spring, the drafting of the Implementing Rules (IRs) will begin with a joint approach between EASA and experts from the industry. This will be followed by a public consultation period, after which the EASA proposal will be presented to the European Commission by summer/autumn 2012. Philip Ahrens reports.

SMAG – business development vital for regional airports

The Small and Medium Size Airports Action Group (SMAG) was established by ACI EUROPE almost four years ago and has since developed into an organisation comprising 150 members, including six national airport associations. Ryan Ghee spoke to Olle Sundin, SMAG Chairman, managing director Regional Airports Division, LFV, and Airport Director Göteborg Landvetter Airport, about the impact of the global economic downturn and the start of the recovery for regional airports.

Europe’s airports key engines to restore economic growth

The ACI EUROPE Small and Medium Size Airports Action Group (SMAG) held a regional airports workshop on 6 October as part of the ‘OPEN DAYS: European Week of Regions and Cities’ jointly organised by the EU Committee of the Regions and the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional Policy. The Open Days are the EU’s biggest public forum on regional and development policy. Ross Falconer reports.

EASA preparing aerodrome safety certification rules

Starting with this issue of Airport Business, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will regularly inform readers about its new responsibilities in aerodrome safety. This first issue highlights the main elements of the Agency’s approach.