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  • Brenner:  “I have always been fascinated by how ATM works and how it could work better. It has been my whole working life, from being a controller to running operations at DFS. I look forward to seeing how I and EUROCONTROL can help to make the Single European Sky a reality.”

    Frank Brenner appointed EUROCONTROL Director General

    Frank Brenner succeeded David McMillan as Director General of EUROCONTROL from 1 January 2013. Mr Brenner has worked in Air Traffic Management for his entire career. Before joining EUROCONTROL as Deputy Director General in November 2012, he was General Manager Operations for FABEC (FAB Europe Central) – the largest of the Functional Airspace Blocks, covering Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Mr Brenner was also Vice Chairman of EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission and a member of the Performance Review Body.

  • McMillan: “Our current forecasts indicate that by 2018 there will be unsatisfied demand of over 100,000 flights as a result of airport capacity constraints – some 1% of European flights.”

    Delivering future efficiency

    Achieving operational and environmental efficiency is currently a key theme across Europe’s airports. David McMillan, Director General, EUROCONTROL, who is chairing a session in the Airport Operations Conference at ACI Airport Exchange, outlined what needs to be done to achieve a truly efficient system for capacity by 2020.

  • Siim Kallas, European Commission Vice-President responsible for Transport: “The construction of a true single sky has entered a crucial phase. We must put in place the concrete mechanisms that will allow the SES package to be implemented in time.”

    ‘Budapest Charter’ supports SES implementation

    A high-level conference on implementation of the Single European Sky (SES), organised jointly by the Hungarian Presidency of the EU and the European Commission, was held in Budapest on 3-4 March. Concrete measures arising from the event were outlined in the ‘Budapest Charter on the Implementation of the Single European Sky’. Ross Falconer reports.

  • EUROCONTROL’s new Long-Term Forecast (LTF) of flight movements in Europe to 2030 indicates that, under the most likely scenario, there will be 16.9 million movements in 2030 – 1.8 times more than in 2009.

    EUROCONTROL releases new Long-Term Forecast

    The year has started with optimism returning to traffic figures. However, with aviation still exposed to ‘constant shock syndrome’, all eyes are looking for the latest data on long-term air traffic growth which take into account external disruptions. EUROCONTROL has released a revised Long-Term Forecast of flights in Europe. Paul Wilson, head of airport operations, EUROCONTROL, outlined its revised estimates to Ross Falconer.

  • CANSO officially joined the A-CDM Action Plan in October at ACI EUROPE’s Airport Exchange event in Istanbul. “The implementation of A-CDM has the potential to be a key contributor to the continued growth of European aviation,” Lake said.

    A-CDM Action Plan gaining momentum

    Two years on from the introduction of the ACI EUROPE and EUROCONTROL Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Action Plan, the initiative is continually gathering pace and the acceptance of CANSO into the partnership has further enhanced the ambitions for 2011 and beyond. Ryan Ghee reports.

  • Tomlinson: “We don’t ask for any of the systems that we connect to to change what they’re already doing. Using the same ethos, we also minimise the changes that the users need to make.”

    Providing a platform for A-CDM

    As European airports continue to show an increasing awareness of the benefits of Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM), NATS Services has developed an innovative system to improve operational efficiency, cut passenger delays and reduce aircraft emissions. Ryan Ghee spoke to Peter Tomlinson, head of aviation data solutions at NATS.

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