Promoting a single EU Border Control standard

Promoting a single EU Border Control standard

The ACI EUROPE Border Control Taskforce is currently working on an operational paper with a focus on the practical implications that developments in border management have on airports. The paper will provide European airports and authorities with best practices in this field, with operations, passenger satisfaction and financing all topics which will be addressed. Ross Falconer reports.

US-NL initiative to streamline border processing

On 23 April, the US and the Netherlands formally launched a landmark initiative, known as FLUX (Fast Low Risk Universal Crossing), to open membership of their expedited air travel programmes to citizens of both countries in an effort to streamline entry processes for pre-screened travellers. Ross Falconer reports.

Finding a technological solution to the LAGs issue

The EU is working towards a deadline of April 2010 for a solution to the Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) issue – if the technology, which is still being trialled, can be proven and the equipment certified in time. Louise Driscoll reports on current progress and the challenges ahead.

Automated Border Control Solutions

Automated Border Control is a next generation technology that will make it possible to speed up passenger border controls and to lighten the workload of border police, reducing personnel costs significantly.

Panasonic iris recognition reader installed at Heathrow

‘Project Iris’, the project to install Panasonic Iris Recognition readers at London Heathrow, has improved passenger flow and eased congestion in the airport’s immigration halls.