ACI EUROPE task force on border control and RT programmes

ACI EUROPE task force on border control and RT programmes

The ACI EUROPE task force on border control and registered traveller programmes was launched on 21 April. Nanne Onland, director, Dartagnan, is leading the task force on behalf of Schiphol Group. He told Ross Falconer what is on the agenda.

Innovative Multiview X-ray screening

Rapiscan’s new Multiview X-Ray security screening machines provide an advanced and reliable alternative to standard dual energy, single view X-ray machines by providing multiple views of objects within bags from multiple angles. Further, it is capable of automatically detecting liquid and other IED threats. Michelle Meineke reports.

Iris Reader: Near impossible to counterfeit

Spurred through healthy competition between airport security companies to develop innovative technologies that guarantee the safety and security of thousands of passengers, Panasonic Biometrics BM-ET200 Iris Reader offers a reassuringly low failure rate. Michelle Meineke reports.

Manchester airport introduces biometric staff access

The airport has partnered with Human Recognition Systems and the Department for Transport (DfT) to implement the UK’s first iris biometric access control portal. The state-of-the-art technology is part of Manchester airport’s drive to tighten staff access to the restricted zone.

ESRIF to deliver public-private dialogue on security research

The European Security Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF) is a European strategy group in the civil security research domain that was established in September 2007. Its main objective is to develop a mid and long-term strategy for civil security research and innovation, through public-private dialogue, by 2009. Ross Falconer reports.