SMAG - giving voice to Europe's Small and Regional airports

SMAG – giving voice to Europe’s Small and Regional airports

In 2006, ACI EUROPE established the Small and Medium Size Airports Action Group (SMAG) with an agenda purely focusing on issues of topical interest to Small and Regional airports; its membership now totals 136 airports and five national airport associations. Ross Falconer sat down with Olle Sundin, Managing Director Regional Airports Division, LFV and incoming SMAG Chairman; Marcel Buelens, CEO, Brussels South Charleroi Airport; and Paolo Stradi, Managing Director, Trieste International Airport, ahead of the 2nd ACI EUROPE SMAG Conference & Exhibition in Linz.

Tajani committed to Single European Sky and sustainable air transport

Appointed last June, European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani had to pick up the Transport portfolio at an extremely important time. The critical tasks ahead are numerous and include working towards more sustainable transport, ensuring safe transport and passenger rights, while Tajani’s first initiative as Commissioner for Transport was the relaunch of the Single European Sky (SES II). Ross Falconer reports.

Working together is the key to future success

Dr Yiannis Paraschis, CEO, Athens International Airport (AIA), has been ACI EUROPE President since June 2007, having been re-elected for a second term at this year’s Annual Assembly in Paris. In a wide-ranging interview, he spoke to Ross Falconer about the continuing evolution of AIA and, significantly, how handling the current economic crisis must be reconciled with the need to address the capacity crunch.

ADP strives for ‘exceptional growth’ through efficient partnership

Aéroports de Paris has a commitment to invest €2.7 billion between 2006 and 2010 in order to handle projected traffic growth. This investment programme has allowed the construction of new facilities that will provide capacity for an additional 19.4 million passengers by the beginning of 2009. Chairman and CEO Pierre Graff explained to Ross Falconer how Aéroports de Paris plans to capitalise on its “exceptional growth potential”.

‘Ensuring there is one ATM process in Europe’

EUROCONTROL is in a period of transition, including several management changes, not least the appointment of David McMillan as Director General at the beginning of this year. He spoke with Ross Falconer about his vision for EUROCONTROL going forward and the crucial issues, such as the second Single European Sky package, that are on the agenda in 2008.