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Editorial: 2012 - The Moment of Truth

Editorial: 2012 – The Moment of Truth

To some extent, last year has proven to be a surprisingly good year for European aviation. Despite dark clouds gathering over the economy, passenger traffic has shown a remarkable resilience throughout 2011, growing in excess of 7%. Of course, a closer look ultimately reveals a much contrasted picture between national markets, well beyond the usual divide between a mature Western Europe and an ‘emerging’ Eastern Europe. But the underlying trend is that passenger traffic has systematically outperformed GDP – even in a country like Greece, where it kept growing by nearly 2% in the face of an economy shrinking by 6.6%. By Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE.

Editorial: Double Dip, Back Down to Hard Ground

There’s an old saying that good news doesn’t sell newspapers. With the ongoing saga of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would gladly buy a newspaper pushing an overdue wave of good news. As it stands, the headlines look set to be gloomy for some time. The impact of the sovereign debt crisis on aviation is already significant. Freight traffic stopped growing before the summer and has since gone into negative figures. Weakening business confidence has led companies to stop replenishing stocks. With industrial output in Europe now at a standstill – or even decreasing, the awful truth is evident: recession is at our doorstep. By Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE.

Editorial: Every flight begins at the airport

Welcome to the new look ‘Airport Business’. I hope you like the updated design and the new features we have introduced. You may also recognise that this editorial’s headline is our new motto, launched with our brand new ACI EUROPE website recently. By Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE.

These interesting times 24… months

Many of you will be aware of an American television show called ‘24’ about a man dealing with all kinds of extreme situations, surprises and alarming circumstances over the course of 24 hours. Given the shock sensitive nature of the aviation industry, I have sometimes wondered why television studios don’t make more dramas about aviation, invariably involving airports.

Editorial: From Fire-Fighting to Future-Proofing

With passenger traffic figures showing a stronger and more dynamic recovery, the early months of 2011 finally delivered the positive signals that most of Europe’s airports had been waiting for all through 2010. By Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE.