Steriport releases range of sanitiser solutions for aviation industry

Steriport Systems Limited, a leader in smart sanitising technology to control the spread of bacterial and viral infections, has announced the expansion of its range of solutions to include technology for the automated sanitisation of passengers, their luggage and the trolleys they use within transportation terminals.

“Steriport sanitiser technology not only creates a safer, cleaner workplace for everybody everyday, but also ensures that transportation providers achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, protecting both their employees and passengers from bacterial and viral infections,” says John Quinn, founder and CEO of Steriport Systems.

Steriport free-standing, touchless hand sanitisers.

Steriport Systems is well-known for its free-standing, touchless hand sanitiser solutions (as used by British Airways) to provide passengers with a high quality, highly-effective hand sanitiser solution.

The Steriport range has now been extended to include full-body gateways that provide head-to-toe sanitisation of passengers and their belongings as they pass through transportation terminals.

Steriport has also made available a device to sanitise passenger trolleys and their luggage. Like the other devices in the Steriport range, this specialised device is safe, fully automatic and requires no supervision.

Steriport sanitiser devices use a lab-certified dry-mist solution (as used by hospitals) that is safe for hair, eyes, all skin types and fabrics. The solution is water-based, contains no alcohol and is proven to kill 99.9% of spores, algae, bacteria and viruses, including HIV, flu and COVID-19.

Steriport full-body sanitiser gateways.

“Steriport sanitiser devices are an ideal solution to help organisations ensure their employees and passengers stay safe against bacterial and viral infections,” Quinn explains. “As we overcome the current pandemic, Steriport solutions provide passengers with the reassurance to travel again knowing that transportation providers are taking steps to ensure their safety and wellbeing.”

Steriport offers free consultations and demonstrations of its sanitiser devices, which are branded with the relevant organisation colour scheme, logo and messaging.

Further information on Steriport sanitisation devices can be found at the following location:

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