Screener Training: 3D X-ray CT

By David A. Lieblich

Screeners are the first line of defense in the battle to ensure security in aviation. Training screeners to operate efficiently and effectively in 3D improves security and airport operations. Testing quantifies strengths and weaknesses enabling focused learning.

Battelle ProDetect CT is an interactive, computer-based training system that features 3D computed tomography (CT) X-ray. The system for aviation security screeners combines Battelle’s human factors expertise, CT X-ray technology competency and an in-depth understanding of aviation security operations, operational protocols, and the dynamic threat environment.

This training platform leverages Battelle’s more than 20 years of experience providing aviation security research and technical services to a variety of U.S. federal agencies, as well as international regulators.

The Core

The ProDetect CT system’s modular design allows it to be used as a complete, standalone training system or interfaced with a pre-existing learning management system (LMS). Interfaces permit access to external resources.

ProDetect CT can be deployed either on an individual computer, a local area network within an airport or industrial screening facility, or as a web-based solution. Note: web applications may not be available for certain requirements/configurations.

Administrators can manage the image library and the trainee roster to create and combine different image playlists, tests, and user groups, which supports training for any skill level and trainee group. The system comprehensively captures each decision, control selection and mouse click made by a trainee, allowing administrators to assess trainee weaknesses and assign individualized remedial training.

Image Interpretation Training (IIT)

IIT provides virtual screening using a high-fidelity reproduction of the emulated machine’s graphical user interface (GUI) and with actual 3D CT images of typical cabin baggage, hold baggage and cargo (depending on the training), some of which contain IEDs or prohibited items.

Battelle’s standard offering of GUI emulators for CT-based explosives detection systems (EDS) now includes Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, cabin-baggage CT. The CTiX joins the Common GUI and the ClearScan GUI as standard offerings within the core ProDetect CT Application. Other EDS GUIs can be rapidly added to the application.

Immersive Training

Options for immersive training include questions and answers, standard operating procedure reinforcement (optional), specific identification of IED components in the X-ray images and detailed information about IED components.

ProDetect IED Builder

IED Builder is a separately launchable, standalone module that allows trainees to virtually build improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on a self-paced basis from a large menu of components and see the resulting IED as a photo and as an X-ray image.

In addition, ProDetect CT is now offered as an integrated product with OTS, a leading 2D X-ray training platform from STI for cabin baggage, cargo and hold baggage screening applications. Integration with OTS leverages familiar administrative and reporting functionality for 3D CT training.

Combined with the 3D ProDetect, this allows you to cover your training needs for 2D and 3D X-ray systems in a seamless and efficient application that maintains the highest-level reproduction of the EDS user interface and functionality.

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