Birdly takes off again in Vienna

By Aleko Lilly, Head of Business Development, Birdly

As part of its overall plans to increase visitor traffic and further delight airport guests, Vienna International Airport is billing its relaunch of Birdly as a major part of its Visitor World. “Since the beginning of September guests have been able to book Birdly flights in the Visitor World at Vienna International Airport as part of the Visitor World tours,” says Thomas Gamharter, Head of Visitor World.

The Visitor World focuses on showing airport visitors a behind the scenes look at the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. Visitors experience flight from an airplane cockpit, journey through the airport and onto a plane with their luggage, as well as learning about the mechanics of landings and takeoffs through the eyes of an air traffic controller. They then cap this off with the opportunity to experience the world on the wings of a bird by flying on Birdly.

“With Birdly, visitors can experience the feeling of really flying up close using the latest VR technology,” continues Gamharter. “We offer the right programme for every taste, whether you want to immerse yourself in the underwater world, explore the urban canyons of New York or feel like getting an adrenalin kick in the Birdly VRace.”

In addition to the worldwide experiences available to fly on Birdly, Vienna International Airport offers an exclusive experience over the city itself. This gives guests the chance to take a few moments to preview what they will see when they head into the city, or to take a look at their favourite tourist sites one last time before they depart. For locals, the Vienna experience lets them see their city in a new light and gives them a different and exciting way to explore.

Ultimately, the Birdly experience as part of the Visitor World allows Vienna International Airport to stand out to tourists, travellers and locals alike. By focusing on the overall airport experience, Gamharter and his team are ensuring that travel is comfortable, interesting and exciting for everyone. And, while times are difficult and overall travel is down, they are continually looking to new and exciting solutions like Birdly to maximise the opportunity for the airport.

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