Fraport launches cooperation with Plug and Play Tech Center

Fraport AG is partnering with the global innovation platform ‘Plug and Play Tech Center’ with the aim of raising the company’s level of digital maturity. “It’s vital for us to get our Group ready for the changing situation of the aviation market by speeding up our responses and strengthening our innovativeness,” says Dr Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Executive Board, Fraport AG. “The seamless introduction of innovative digital technologies in our customer processes will let us increase our competitiveness, reduce costs, and seize opportunities to boost sales.”

The overriding goal of the partnership is to identify innovative digital solutions to operational challenges. Its scope will be extended beyond Frankfurt Airport to also encompass the airports in Fraport’s international portfolio.

Claus Grunow, Head of Fraport Digitalisation, at the opening of the Plug and Play Selection Day in Vienna.

The US company of Plug and Play Tech Center has created the world’s largest start-up network, spanning over 10,000 start-ups and 400 official corporate partners. “We’re thrilled to have Fraport, one of the leading players in the global aviation industry, join our Plug and Play ecosystem and let us play an integral role in its digital transformation,” says Benjamin Kloss, Director of Plug and Play Austria, about the newly-forged partnership. “Fraport’s commitment to innovation in these challenging times is sending a powerful signal to the entire industry, while leaving no doubt about its tenacity and long-term perspective.”

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