Environmental Intelligence for the aviation industry

By Andres Quijano – Solution Design Engineer, Envirosuite

In 2020, Envirosuite (ASX:EVS) acquired EMS Brüel & Kjær. For over 30 years, EMS Brüel & Kjær were renowned for assisting major airports and industrial operations globally in monitoring their noise and vibration impact.

Envirosuite is now driven to become a provider of world-leading technology solutions that produce actionable insights from predictive environmental management across multiple parameters to enable our customers to realise their full potential.

The newly combined company is now providing Environmental Intelligence solutions to over 500 operations across multiple sectors to tackle challenges across air quality, dust, odour, weather noise, vibration and water quality to enable better business and community outcomes.

On August 5, 2020 Andres Quijano, Solutions Design Engineer at Envirosuite, will host a webinar on Environmental Intelligence to share 3 core strategies on the future of environmental management for Environmental Managers, Sustainability Managers and Noises Officers at Airport operations.

Webinar: 3 strategies that will define how Environmental Managers take on the future

Airport operations are witnessing an increasing trend with environmental management plans. Plans originally designed to be implemented over a 5-year period are becoming irrelevant in less than 12 months.

It’s difficult for Noise Offices and Environmental or Sustainability Managers at today’s airports keep up with constant fluctuations in market conditions, environmental policies and local community expectations.

Critical operational decisions included in plans also rely too heavily on technical experience and can be impacted by high turnover rates of key staff members. This presents a difficult and costly challenge for airports trying to strengthen their social licence to operate.

Strategies focussed on Environmental Intelligence are now providing industrial facilities with the ability to make sense of the ‘information avalanche’.

Join Andres Quijano on August 5, 2020 where he will showcase how 3 key Environmental Intelligence strategies are currently benefiting airport and industrial operations by:

  • Getting a birds-eye-view of your airport to identify unfolding issues across multiple parameters including air quality, noise, vibration, dust, odour and water quality
  • Shortening investigation time of odour, dust and air quality complaints directed at airports from surrounding communities
  • Using predictive insights from weather and emissions modelling to limit environmental impact and achieve social licence to operate

Author: Andres Quijano – Solution Design Engineer, Envirosuite

Andres Quijano is currently the Solutions Design Engineer for the Americas at Envirosuite. He has over 15 years of experience creating integrated hardware and software solutions that assist environmental professionals and site operators to optimize their management plans. His experience and passion for software has led him to design solutions that meet the most challenging environmental demands and constantly exceed customers’ expectations.

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