Powerful screening technology

Powerful screening technology

The LS10 bottle liquid scanner is a powerful screening technology that non-invasively scans LAGs in almost any container.

In addition to scanning plastic, glass, and paper, it is able to quickly interrogate a wide range of metal containers. The LS10 integrates the use of Radio Frequency (RF) and ultrasonic technology to detect threat flammables, acids, precursors and explosive liquids, aerosols and gels within sealed clear or opaque containers with extremely low false alarm rates. The LS10 has received one of the coveted R&D 100 Awards from R&D Magazine, which bestows the awards in recognition of the most significant scientific accomplishments for the year.

The LS10 has recently been endorsed by ECAC as a Type B, Standard 3 LEDS.  The LS10 is deployed in numerous major international airports in Europe, North America and Australia. In addition to its technical capabilities, the LS10’s portability, robustness and consistent interrogation results were important factors driving its international sales.

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