Florian Guillermet appointed Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking

Florian Guillermet appointed Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking

Florian Guillermet, formerly Deputy Executive Director of the SJU, has been selected as the new Executive Director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking.

Previously, Florian has worked in the field of civil aviation for over 15 years. His vast aviation experience includes positions at the flight planning department of Air France, at the French Air Navigation Service Provider – DSNA – and at the European Central Flow Management Unit at EUROCONTROL.

Commenting on the new appointment, Matthias Ruete, Chairman of the Administrative Board of SESAR and Director-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) at the European Commission, said “Florian is a proven leader with strong technical skills, business acumen and the ability to bring people together. We believe that his extensive experience and clear vision of the required R&D process to modernise Europe’s ATM is exactly what SESAR needs as it moves to the next level of ambition.

”Looking to the future of the aviation sector and of the airport industry in particular, Florian Guillermet believes that “SESAR is building the bridge between the old way of doing things and the future of ATM. Airports are key in this process, which is why we are delighted to have such strong support and involvement from ACI EUROPE, as well as so many airports. This team spirit is the motor that drives the operational and technological changes that SESAR is developing. Together, we are delivering ATM solutions that will ensure greater operational ATM efficiency and smoother, sustainable air travel for all.”

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