Airports in the news

Airports in the news

Pulkovo Airport

St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport recently hit a milestone with the completion of its new passenger terminal. With work set to be concluded at the end of 2013, the total area of the airport will more than triple in size.

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airports has declared its intention to sell its 49% share in Newcastle International Airport. This is part of the company’s wider strategy of focusing on strengthening the operation and development of Copenhagen Airport.

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is to be the first in the world to enable passengers to pass through the airport’s checks, controls and gates using only a smartphone. Testing of this new concept will be carried out this summer, in an ambitious collaboration between the airport, SITA, Blackberry and Orange.

Madrid-Barajas Airport

Madrid-Barajas Airport recently welcomed ‘Solar Impulse’ – the experimental solar powered aircraft. Powered by almost 12,000 solar cells and lithium batteries, the lightweight aircraft has a wingspan similar to that of an A340.

Zagreb Airport

A 30-year concession for the management and development of Zagreb Airport has been awarded by the Croatian government to an Aéroports de Paris-led consortium. Central to the deal is a commitment to expand the airport, to power Croatia’s future economic development.

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport is to be separated from the wider Dublin Airport Authority airport group, and operate instead within a regional economic development body. The development reflects the crucial role the airport plays in its regional economy.


TAV Construction has won a US$800 million contract to build an aircraft maintenance, repair and operation facility, at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Secured in conjunction with joint venture partners, is to be completed within 900 days.


The operator of Frankfurt Airport is scouting for deals in emerging markets. Given the high prices being commanded by airport sales in developed countries, Brazil, China and Africa are seen as the key opportunities.

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport’s new owners Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) already have ambitious plans for the airport, with the incoming managing director announcing his plans to eradicate queuing within the facility.

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