Streamlining security: Next generation screening and detection

Streamlining security: Next generation screening and detection

Revolutionary developers and next-generation technologies are transforming the airport security experience. Amy Hanna investigates some of the industry’s latest innovations.

Automated border control innovation

Some of the industry’s most innovative solutions providers are developing automated border control technologies to enhance the passenger experience. Callum Tennent examines some of the latest developments.

Developing the 2020 airport security model

A safe and efficient security process will be a vital component of the airport of 2020, but in order to improve the current model, a number of key issues must be addressed. Two of this year’s ACI Airport Exchange Security Summit speakers – Ahmad Bukallah, Director Operations, Department of Civil Aviation at Sharjah International Airport & Chair of the ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Aviation Security Committee, and Alan Tan, Vice President, Aviation Security, Changi Airport Group – share their views.

Aerodrome Rulemaking Process: Communicating to the EASA stakeholders

Today, the EASA Airport Section is eager to inform the airport industry about the latest developments and future steps in the aerodrome rulemaking process.

Airport security – back to the future?

The perennial security topics of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) and security scanners continue to see discussion in Brussels and beyond. With the April 2013 timeline for the lifting of the ban on LAGs at a key stage of review, some crucial decisions will be made between now and the autumn. Robert O’Meara reports.