ACI EUROPE Best Airport Award Winners For 2009 Announced

ACI EUROPE Best Airport Award Winners For 2009 Announced

The 19th ACI EUROPE Annual Assembly, Congress and Exhibition hosted the 5th Annual ACI EUROPE Best Airport Awards in Manchester during the gala dinner.

New Fraport boss sets agenda

Dr. Stefan Schulte became the new executive board chairman (CEO) of Fraport AG on 1 September. He spoke to Louise Driscoll about his new position and his clear agenda to maximise growth potential at Frankfurt Airport.

Munich West thrives off low-cost travellers

Next summer, Allgäu/Memmingen airport – one of three commercial airports in the Bavaria region – will celebrate three years as a civilian airport. During this time, it has transformed from a military base to the fastest growing commercial airport in Germany. Referred to as ‘Munich West’, the airport has positioned itself as a preferred alternative to Munich for the budget carriers. Louise Driscoll reports.

Investing in capacity: Munich’s drive to compete as a leading European hub

Munich airport’s €2 billion investment plan will “extend capacity and ensure Munich can compete successfully with the other European hubs,” said CEO Dr Michael Kerkloh. He spoke to Louise Driscoll.

BAA remains industrious despite order to sell three airports

BAA has applied to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) to the review the final report delivered by the Competition Commission on 19 March, which requires it to sell London Gatwick and London-Stansted airports as well as either Edinburgh or Glasgow airport. Ross Falconer reports.