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  • Frank Brenner, Director General of EUROCONTROL, addressed the 92nd meeting of the ACI EUROPE Board, which took place in Athens on 18 October.

    ACI EUROPE Board meets EU Presidency and EUROCONTROL DG

    On 18 October, the ACI EUROPE board held its 92nd meeting in Athens, at the invitation of Athens International Airport (AIA). The meeting took place jointly with the 1st Airport Chief Executives Symposium (ACES) organised by AIA, which focused on the contribution of airports to the economy.

  • Mrs Landrichter (Head of the Austrian CAA), Mr Kessler (Head of the EASA Airport Section) and Mr Gruber (Vienna Airport) at the joint ACI EUROPE / EASA workshop in Vienna on 19-20 September 2013.

    Aerodrome Rulemaking Process reaches its final moments

    After a number of years in development, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is on the cusp of issuing its first regulation towards airports & aerodromes. Returning to the EASA news column here in Airport Business, the Airport Section of EASA is happy to inform the airport industry about the developments that have occurred in 2013. Report by Sarah Poralla. Edited by Elliot Bailey.

  • The participant ‘choir singing’ of Volare at the Gala Dinner was a key emotional and fun experience for participants and observers alike.

    Food for thought & action in Bologna

    Just as airports have transformed into businesses in their own right, the leaders and chief executives who run them have had to rise to the challenge of bringing new ideas and working practices into the industry. The third annual Airport Leadership & Change Management Forum (ACLM) provided the opportunity to take the temperature on how Europe’s airports are doing in this field. Report by Elliot Bailey.

  • ACI EUROPE has responded to the European Commission’s proposed new guidelines on State aid with its own analysis paper – Airports & State Aid – which calls for specific changes in allowable operating and investment aid, while meeting the twin objectives of economic growth and undistorted competition.

    New State aid rules put regional growth in jeopardy

    As regular readers will be aware, the Summer edition of Airport Business contained a comprehensive preview of the proposed new guidelines on State aid to airports and airlines, and the background to the issue. The European Commission has since published those proposals, which have potentially devastating consequences for smaller regional airports and the communities they serve, with many of these airports at risk of closure. Here, we provide an update on what the new rules will mean for airports. Report by Ross Falconer.

  • The new Hamad International Airport in Qatar is among the major airport developments in the Middle East that highlight the strategic importance placed on developing air transport infrastructure in the region.

    EUROCONTROL calls crunch time: Urgent action needed on airport capacity

    EUROCONTROL has released the fourth edition of its Challenges of Growth report, its first since 2008. Identifying constraints in the air transport system between now and 2035, the report provides a further stark warning of the approaching airport capacity crunch. Report by Ross Falconer & Elliot Bailey.

  • ACI EUROPE has produced a flyer providing clear information to passengers about what the new rules will mean for them from 31 January 2014.

    Towards January 2014: Phase 1 of new LAGs rules approaches

    Rules on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) have been a hot topic since restrictions were initially introduced in August 2006. Security and operational concerns have made the relaxing of these restrictions a protracted process, as regular readers will have seen reported in Airport Business. The April 2013 deadline for the removal of all LAGs restrictions was replaced this spring with a new roadmap and a phased approach. The first phase applies from 31 January 2014. Report by Ross Falconer.

  • Declan Collier, CEO London City Airport and then President, ACI EUROPE, shared his views on the issues facing Europe’s airports, in particular highlighting EUROCONTROL’s ‘Challenges of Growth 2013’ report. “The airport capacity crunch is set to cost airlines and airports in excess of €40 billion of lost revenues per year by 2035. In addition, you need to add close to €5 billion in congestion costs. But ultimately, this is not going to be just about aviation – but about Europe’s global relevance and economic performance. Insufficient airport capacity will cost €230 billion in lost GDP to Europe – that is a lot of economic activity and a lot of jobs that we cannot afford to lose.”

    Dynamic Airport Business Transformation

    Joint ACI EUROPE/WORLD Annual Congress & Exhibition, Istanbul, 10-12 June 2013.

  • New LAGs legislation enters into force

    New LAGs legislation enters into force

    The rules on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs), and the efforts to remove those restrictions, have been comprehensively reported in Airport Business. A phased approach to lifting the LAGs restrictions will begin in January 2014, following the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union on 20 March of the required legislation. Ross Falconer reports.

  • Tonci Peovic, Chair of Regional Airports’ Forum & CEO, Zagreb Airport; Alain Alexis, Head of State Aids Transport, DG Competition, European Commission; and Thomas Langeland, Vice-Chair of Regional Airports’ Forum & Director of Avinor Kristiansand Airport.

    Gathering industry stakeholders & EU institutions together

    The ACI EUROPE annual New Year cocktail reception took place on the 22nd January in the European Parliament (EP), hosted by members of the EP’s Committee on Transport and Tourism, Mr. Jim Higgins MEP (Ireland) and Ms Inés Ayala Sender MEP (Spain).

  • The European Commission has published its proposal for revision of the Air Passenger Rights regulation (EC 261). The Air Passenger Rights information campaigns widely seen in airports all over Europe show that airports are proactive on this issue.

    European Commission proposes revised Air Passenger Rights regulations

    Air Passenger Rights is a subject that has gained increasing prominence in recent years, following the volcanic shocks of 2010 and 2011, and unforeseen severe weather conditions impacting on flights. The European Commission has published its proposal for revision of the Air Passenger Rights regulations.Ross Falconer reports.

  • Come fly with me

    Come fly with me

    Intra-European route liberalisation introduced by the EU in the mid-1990s transformed the business, experience and performance of aviation throughout the continent. Following successful aviation liberalisation beyond the EU, with the US and Canada as well as countries like Morocco over the last 10 years, now the European Commission is looking at the next stage of its ambitious External Aviation Policy. Report by Elliot Bailey.

  • On 6 November, the TRAN Committee rejected the legislative proposal on Ground Handling.

    Airport Package – will EP vote ‘return to sender’?

    This time last year the European Commission launched its Airport Package, proposing a trio of legislation on airport slots, ground handling and aviation noise. The emphasis at launch was squarely on ‘Quality and Capacity at Airports’, so what has the past 12 months of reporting and debate between the European Parliament, the Council and industry stakeholders yielded? Elliot Bailey reports.

  • The proposed postponement was accompanied by a roadmap for the progressive removal of the LAGs restrictions. As a sign of the renewed level of commitment from all sides, a Statement of Intent was signed by the EC, the United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and a number of industry stakeholders, including ACI EUROPE.

    EC decides to revise deadline for removal of LAGs restrictions

    Regular readers of Airport Business will know that security and in particular, the rules concerning the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels make regular appearances in this magazine. Airports, passengers, security equipment manufacturers and EU institutions are all watchful of this issue, which has such a profound effect on the passenger experience. Robert O’Meara reports on the latest developments.

  • In the run-up to the Cypriot Presidency of the EU, which commences on 1 July, ACI EUROPE visited the country, meeting with various state authorities, including the Minister of Communications & Works, Mr Efthemios Flourentzou.

    ACI EUROPE meets Cypriot Authorities

    In the run-up to the Cypriot Presidency of the EU, which commences on 1 July, ACI EUROPE visited the country. With excellent support from Hermes Airports, the operator of Larnaca and Paphos airports on the island, ACI EUROPE met various state authorities, including the Minister of Communications & Works, Mr Efthemios Flourentzou, his Permanent Secretary Mr Alecos Michaelides and Mr Iacovos Demetriou, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and his team.

  • A ‘Topping Out’ ceremony was held for London-Heathrow’s Games Terminal in April. Jonathon Edwards CBE, former Triple Jumper and Olympic, Commonwealth, European and World Champion, was Guest of Honour at the ceremony.

    London airports going for gold

    Hosting the Olympic Games this summer will put London and its airports firmly in the international spotlight. Diligent preparations have been made to ensure smooth operations both on the ground and in the air, as the UK prepares to welcome an unprecedented influx of international visitors. Ross Falconer reports.

  • Olivier Jankovec Director General ACI EUROPE & Declan Collier President of ACI EUROPE & then Dublin Airport Authority CEO look on as Siim Kallas European Commission Vice-President Responsible for Transport speaks.

    Kallas kicks off 2012 meeting Board of ACI EUROPE

    The customary January meeting of the Board of ACI EUROPE took place this year on 25 January. As in previous years, the meeting was also attended by the European Commission Vice President responsible for Transport, Siim Kallas. At this year’s meeting, while exchanging views with Vice President Kallas, ACI EUROPE President Declan Collier reinforced the airport industry’s key messages, in particular relating to the ‘Airport Package’. President Collier emphasised the need for the Commission to take action to empower airports to stimulate local and European economic growth. This, he stated, should be reflected in the regulatory framework, particularly in issues such as ground handling, airport slots, and aviation noise, but also others such as security, external relations and the disruptive ‘one bag rule’ being implemented by some airlines.

  • Olivier Jankovec, Director General ACI EUROPE, Jim Higgins MEP, Inés Ayala Sender MEP, and Declan Collier, then Dublin Airport Authority CEO & ACI EUROPE President with Carlo Fidanza MEP.

    Airports and MEPs discuss Airport Package

    ACI EUROPE’s follow-up work after the announcement of the European Commission’s (EC) ‘Airport Package’ continues. ACI EUROPE organised an evening reception in the European Parliament, on 24 January, to allow Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), ACI EUROPE Board members and EC officials to meet and exchange views on the details of the Package. Hosted by Inés Ayala Sender (Spain) and Jim Higgins (Ireland), both influential MEPs on the Transport Committee, the evening was a great success, with very supportive statements from both Ms. Sender and Mr. Higgins in favour of our industry, and attendance from a number of important MEPs, ACI EUROPE Committee Chairs & Vice Chairs, and representatives of the wider aviation industry.

  • The European Commission plans to better monitor airport capacity developments at a European level, so as to seek alignment with air traffic management capacity and the objectives/plans of the Single European Sky.

    Unwrapping the Airport Package

    On 1 December 2011, the European Commission announced its ‘Airport Package’ of legislative proposals concerning airport slots, ground handling and aviation noise, with an accompanying communication about the growing urgency of the airport capacity crunch. Robert O’Meara & Donagh Cagney report.

  • The EASA Rulemaking Process for the new regulatory system for aerodrome safety reached an important stage in December 2011, when the Notice of Proposed Amendments was published. The ACI EUROPE EASA Task Force has been deeply involved in the Rulemaking Process and has fed its expertise to the experts in the Rulemaking Groups. This has ensured proper involvement of the ACI EUROPE membership.

    Airports actively engaged in EASA Rulemaking Process

    The European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Rulemaking Process for the new regulatory system for aerodrome safety reached an important stage in December 2011, when the Notice of Proposed Amendments was published. Gernot Kessler, Head of Airports Section, EASA, and Philipp Ahrens, Manager: Safety, Capacity, ATM & Single European Sky, ACI EUROPE gave both sides of the story to Ross Falconer.

  • ACI EUROPE’s experienced and knowledgeable personnel keep the channels of communication open, acting as effective industry contact and reference points for all WBPs.

    World Business Partners & Airports: Engaging for Mutual Benefit

    The ACI World Business Partner (WBP) programme was rebooted at the beginning of 2010, with coordination moving from ACI WORLD to each of the ACI regions. ACI EUROPE has made gains in reconnecting with former WBPs and broadening the membership of the programme, all the while seeking to improve the value it offers members. Donagh Cagney & Ross Falconer report.

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