Vanderlande to support Western Sydney International in developing ‘airport of the future’

Vanderlande has been awarded the contract to deliver a state-of-the-art baggage handling system (BHS) to Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport (WSIA). This will help to unlock opportunities, create new jobs, and provide seamless access to regional and international connections 24/7. In addition, the Vanderlande BHS will act as the core in the development of Sydney’s developing third Central Business District (CBD). Vanderlande is supporting this exciting development by offering Design, Build, ORAT and Life-cycle services.

The greenfield project is being completed in several phases and is expected to enter operational readiness and acceptance trials (ORAT) in late-2024 and open to international, domestic and freight services in late-2026. To prepare WSIA for the future, Vanderlande is delivering a range of innovative solutions as part of the BHS package. Based on unique shuttle technology, Vanderlande’s ADAPTO BAGSTORE will be the heart of the system, and provide flexibility and scalability, high storage density and 100% redundancy.

ADAPTO BAGSTORE also gives WSIA the ability to “batch build” baggage, ensuring efficient use of resources and to deploy the emerging service of “reclaim on demand” due to its ability to store inbound bags. Vanderlande’s high-speed TUBTRAX individual carrier system (ICS) works in harmony with ADAPTO and allows in-tub screening. In addition, all Vanderlande solutions are integrated with its high-level controls platform, VIBES. This intelligent software solution covers the complete baggage process, and interfaces directly with airport and airline IT systems to provide a holistic view.

Vanderlande has been awarded the contract to deliver a state-of-the-art baggage handling system to Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport. Pictured are: Shaun Roper, Managing Director Airports, Vanderlande, and Simon Hickey, CEO Western Sydney International Airport.

The Vanderlande system will also include out-of-gauge baggage handling utilising FLEET Bag AV-technology, speed loaders for efficient ULD loading, and a central make-up area for economic use of resources. It will even link to a sub-system in which couriers will be able to drop off bags, enabling WSIA to provide the option of remote check-in and bag drop services. Vanderlande will also integrate self-bag drop and state-of-the-art in tub baggage screening into its system.

“As a strong local partner, we understand and share Western Sydney Airport’s vision,” says Andrew Manship, Executive Vice President Airport & Parcel Solutions and Member of the Board, Vanderlande. “We are committed to working transparently and collaboratively in order to deliver the highest levels of passenger satisfaction through best-in-class baggage performance. This is not only about technology, but also understanding how our solutions can make WSIA a great place to work and support the wider Sydney community.”

Shaun Roper, Managing Director Airports, Vanderlande, adds: “We are honoured to be working in partnership with Western Sydney Airport to help deliver their inspirational vision that is the centrepiece of Sydney’s third CBD. We are confident that our partnership approach, strong local team and global network of knowledge coupled with an extensive use of local trades and services will together bring value and benefit to WSIA and the local community. With this, alongside our innovative baggage solutions, Western Sydney Airport can be confident that together we will deliver a world-class experience for every passenger.”

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