Webinar: 5 stages of Community Engagement every airport must understand

By Andres Quijano – Solution Design Engineer, Envirosuite

Some airport operations receive noise complaints from surrounding communities. Runways originally built on the outskirts of residential areas have gradually moved closer due to growing populations.

Public perception of airports is dynamic and subject to change, often very quickly. There is an exponential increase in community expectation of airports as a result of rapid urbanisation.

Suitable strategies for Community Engagement based directly on airport requirements

On 28 October 2020, Envirosuite is hosting a webinar where it will be discussing 5 levels of Community Engagement. These levels have been identified over 30 years of working directly with airports to manage acoustic and non-acoustic impact on communities surrounding operations.

In recent years many of the world’s airports have also committed to long-term sustainability goals. They have made large investments in environmental management technology, enabling a greater emphasis on local community and leveraging environmental data to compare past performance, predict future noise contours, whilst managing and improving operations to enable continuous growth.

The webinar will highlight how easily understandable environmental and operational data can be used by airports to engage with communities on a regular basis to strengthen their social licence to operate. Envirosuite will be discussing how these 5 stages apply to airports and how suitable strategies can be selected to gain community support for routine operations and growth initiatives.

The webinar will be hosted on two global time zones and held in parallel with the recent launch of Envirosuite’s newest community engagement platform for airports, ‘InsightFull’. InsightFull has been developed specifically to assist airport operators in delivering a tailored community engagement experience.

Join the free webinar on 28 October to see how airport operations can:

  • Strengthen social licence to operate by executing strategies based on the specific level of community engagement your airport requires – today and tomorrow.
  • Lower complaint volume by using strategies to enable nearby communities with tools for self-investigation before they lodge complaints.
  • Educate surrounding communities on expansion plans by delivering tailored community engagement program with publicly accessible portals.

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Host: Andres Quijano – Solution Design Engineer, Envirosuite

Host bio: Andres has over 15 years of experience creating integrated hardware and software solutions that assist environmental, sustainability and noise professionals at industrial and airport operations optimise their management plans.

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