Advertising feature: Brave New World of Seamless Travel: Connecting Systems Beyond the Airport

Digital identity systems are reshaping and transforming the global travel ecosystem. The synergetic collaboration between governments, airlines, airports and the tourism industry is enabling commercial solutions for unparalleled levels of service throughout airport ecosystems and beyond. Advancement of digital technology in Mobile ID, multi-border automated identification, home-to-home passenger authentication and on-the-move, paperless airport clearance is leading this transformation by exploring the full capability and capacity of collaborative digital identity networks.

Vision-Box is fully dedicated to its mission in the development of innovative seamless solutions to facilitate the traveller experience and advance biometric initiatives to promote the digital liberation of the traveller. One of the angular stones of digital liberation of the passenger experience is biometric identification. By easily and securely being able to digitally identify and authenticate travellers, service providers inside and outside the airport can leverage new business models to offer customers new services and incentives to build up trust in the technology.

Exemplifying this brave new world of digital travel is a cooperation agreement between the Aruba government, the World Tourism & Travel Council allowing Vision-Box to expand the OneID Happy Flow programme beyond the airport. Starting in 2020, an extended Seamless Traveler Journey pilot in Aruba will allow travellers to check in at participating hotels and one rent-a-car agency just using their face for identity authentication. The traveller’s digital identity is used to secure and shape an efficient travel experience that streamlines the passenger’s journey between hotel, car rental, arrivals and departures, under the hospices of a holistic orchestration platform which manages the flow and progress of each traveller.

Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport is another great example of where digital technology is at the forefront of the travel industry digital revolution. Vision-Box is the first company in India to deliver a fully biometric enabled airport with the Digi Yatra Airport Platform. The solution is core-managed by Orchestra, the award-winning Seamless Flow platform. Digi Yatra is an industry-led initiative in coordination with India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation that aims to improve air travel through the 4 key elements of Connected Passengers, Connected Airports, Connected Flying and Connected Systems.

The Digi Yatra passenger experience features biometric identification for a paperless and seamless curb-to-boarding clearance. Travellers seamlessly journey through entry point, check-in, baggage drop, security and aircraft boarding, simply using their face to clear their progress into the airport. The airport also features experience zones, where the traveller journey is augmented with reality apps on their mobile devices.

Making this transformation possible are digital networks based on smart touchpoints, biometric authentication, web-based services and IoT technology. The convenience and ease of use offered by these digital networks is sustained by an extremely accurate and secure process when interacting in official or commercial transactions with government, travel and private enterprise stakeholders. Whether crossing airports, booking hotels or renting vehicles, new digital technologies offer access to multi-dimensional services by government and private institutions simply through biometric authentication.

Underpinning the security of the digital identity is a Privacy-by-Design certified ecosystem that enhances individual data protection. Orchestra gives travellers the capacity to manage their personal biographic and biometric data in the multiple stakeholder environments. Data protection guidelines provide maximum protection and privacy while minimising the risk of personal data leakage. Biographic and biometric data is managed by a thoroughly audited and certified software platform designed for maximum protection of all personal data in compliance with legislations in force.

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