Air BP invests in new fuelling infrastructure to supply Bergen Airport

Air BP has invested in upgraded infrastructure at Dolvik terminal in Norway to provide a more efficient, lower carbon fuel supply. Improvements at the BP-owned terminal include an upgraded pipeline and new fuel tanks with the capacity to store eight million litres of Jet-A1 fuel. This will offer greater security of supply to help meet the increasing demand for fuel at Norway’s second-largest airport, Bergen. The terminal was inaugurated on 5 November by Aslak Sverdrup, Airport Director, Avinor, during a special ceremony.

Thorbjorn Larsson, CEO Air BP Nordics, and Aslak Sverdrup, Airport Director, Avinor, mark the opening of Air BP’s newly upgraded fuel terminal at Dolvik, Norway.

The project involved rebuilding three fuel tanks, building a new jetty, the integration of two fuel systems to optimise storage, improvements to onsite safety mechanisms, and control system enhancements. Not only does the new facility deliver a more efficient supply route and greater supply security, but it will also reduce carbon emissions. It is anticipated that delivering fuel direct by pipeline, as opposed to via road, will save around 300 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

“Air BP’s highly skilled technical team has worked exceedingly hard in challenging conditions to deliver a thoroughly modern terminal which will optimise operations,” says Thorbjorn Larsson, CEO Air BP Nordics. “I am delighted that Air BP’s investment here will not only enhance efficiency, but it will take trucks off the road and help reduce carbon emissions associated with the supply of Jet A-1 fuel.”

Sverdrup adds: “Over the last decade, Avinor has invested over NOK 5 billion to meet both passenger expectations and demand at Bergen, Norway’s second-biggest airport that serves this internationally-focused region. Air BP’s modern and efficient fuel terminal will secure timely and predictable fuel deliveries to the airlines, and will contribute to the further development of the airport. Avinor will also continue to work closely with Air BP to develop and make sustainable biofuel available at the airport.”

Air BP’s newly-upgraded fuel terminal at Dolvik, Norway, will offer greater security of supply to help meet the increasing demand for fuel at Norway’s second-largest airport, Bergen.

As part of its low carbon solutions offer, Air BP has been supplying Bergen Airport with BP Biojet since August 2017.

Air BP serves commercial, general aviation and military customers at Bergen Airport, which attracts more than six million passengers per year and has experienced annual average growth in passenger traffic of around 6% since 2008.

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