Aberdeen Airport opens Changing Places facility

The latest phase of Aberdeen International Airport’s terminal transformation project is its new Changing Places facility. Located within the departures lounge, it aims to make travel a little easier for those who find travel challenging.

Included within the Changing Places room is a height adjustable bench, electronic hoist, non-slip floor and privacy screens. The facility can be accessed without the need for a key, and is alarmed should any passengers require assistance.

Kevin Douglas, Terminal Operations Manager; Phionna McInnes of Me Too! Magazine; Vicky Cruickshanks of Euan’s Guide; and Fraser Bain, Airport Duty Manager.

Aberdeen International Airport has been working with the community to improve accessibility and inclusiveness, and was given a ‘very good’ rating in the CAA’s most recent Accessibility Study.

The airport also has its own Access Forum, a group made up of airport representatives and members of various disability organisations and charities.

Vicky Cruickshanks, an ambassador of Euan’s Guide, a disabled access review website, was on hand to open the facility alongside Phionna McInnes from Me Too Magazine!, the Aberdeen-based charity for children with additional support needs and a member of the Access Forum.

“I am delighted to see Aberdeen International Airport’s ongoing commitment to improving facilities for passengers with disabilities,” says McInnes. “It will reduce one of the barriers that prevent people with disabilities, their families and carers, from travelling.”

“This demonstrates our commitment towards creating a safe and welcoming environment for carers and passengers with disabilities to travel freely through the airport,” adds Fraser Bain, Airport Duty Manager. “This new changing facility will make a huge difference to those individuals and families with additional support needs when flying from Aberdeen. We work closely with our Access Forum members to understand the key priorities and we always seek feedback regarding our services and facilities to continue to improve the passenger experience, of which Euan’s Guide is one example.”

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