Copenhagen Airport reveals food & beverage offer for T2 expansion

The expansion of the new area in T2 adds 4,000sqm to Copenhagen Airport and will accommodate 25 new shopping and eating options.

Copenhagen Airport has welcomed the latest gastronomic leaders from the Copenhagen food scene, as the new part of Terminal 2 is opening with 25 new shops, cafés and restaurants. The airport has revealed the first 10 restaurants to operate in the new area where travellers can experience popular restaurants and bars such as Mikkeller, The Bird – Kissmeyer, Tapa del Toro, Cock’s & Cows, Gorm’s, Steffs Place and Retreat, as well as international brands such as Espresso House and Pret A Manger.

Copenhagen Airport will continue to expand the assortment of food & beverage offers in the coming year with selected speciality gin, craft beer and micro brews on tap and the ‘Best burger in town’ when the new area in T2 opens in June.

“We want to offer travellers an authentic experience by offering the best from our ‘local heroes’ – the best Danish restaurants and bars that we know from the vibrant culinary scene of Copenhagen,” says Lise Ryevad, Director, Airport Sales, Copenhagen Airport. “At the same time, we will continue being the place where travellers can find successful, international brands. Every year we conduct up to 100,000 passenger interviews and we use the knowledge we gain from these interviews to find the best mix of offers. This is why we are looking forward to the opening of the new area, which will reflect the wishes from our passengers and the impressive food scene that thrives both in Denmark and internationally.”

The new expanded area in Terminal 2

The new expanded area aims at creating a gathering point for travellers, offering a wide assortment of shops, cafés and restaurants.

The expansion of the new area in T2 adds 4,000sqm to Copenhagen Airport and will accommodate 25 new shopping and eating options. The €5.25 million T2 upgrade is part of the airport’s strategy to reach an annual capacity of 40 million passengers.

The composition of the new eating and drinking units represents a mixture of the leading Danish and international brands.

Ryevad adds: “We hope that the new area will be a gathering point for travellers in the airport where different preferences are met by a wide assortment – whether you are into niche bars, a classic burger or just a quick croissant and coffee.”

During the coming months, the airport will reveal the remaining 15 brands that will open in the new area.

The expansion is built in the same Scandinavian design as the rest of the airport, focusing on creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. To create a homogeneous and modern expression the existing stores in the area will be modernised as well.

The expansion of the airport after the security control in the area between Finger A and Finger B is being carried out from 2017 until the end of 2018. The first units open from June 2018. By the end of 2018 all construction is expected to be finished.

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