New ADP Ingénierie CEO focused on 5-year ‘ADPI 1 WORLD’ development plan

Gratien Maire was appointed CEO of ADP Ingénierie in January 2017. ADP Ingénierie is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Groupe ADP, which designs new airports and modernises airports globally. Maire outlined his approach to developing innovation and capturing new markets to Ross Falconer.

Gratien Maire, CEO ADP Ingénierie: “The growth in global air traffic offers fertile ground for airport owners and concessionaires around the world to launch new and ambitious projects. ADP Ingénierie is determined to play a key role in these developments.”

What have been your initial priorities since being appointed CEO of ADP Ingénierie?

Gratien Maire, CEO ADP Ingénierie: My first priority was to get to know all the managers and meet the company’s staff at the head office in Athis-Mons, after which I went to see those working in Dubai and the surrounding Middle Eastern states. At the same time, I made contact with our major clients in each location. My second priority was to get to grips with details of the 5-year ‘ADPI 1 WORLD’ development plan, which was initiated by my predecessor and approved by our shareholders at the end of 2016. My third priority was to get the work to implement this plan underway, including the principle of restructuring the company to support the upcoming launch of its new range of services.

The mission is “to develop engineering and innovation within the international scope of Groupe ADP”. What is your strategy for achieving this?

Maire: 80% of ADP Ingénierie’s business is conducted abroad, while the remaining 20% is focused on Groupe ADP and a handful of airport hubs in mainland France and French overseas territories. As the engineering subsidiary of Groupe ADP, we naturally play a leading role in the group’s new international development strategy. This is based around three key areas: engineering, airport operation, and the acquisition of holdings.

Your career includes working as a diplomat and also within the French armed forces, most recently as Deputy Chief of Staff. What lessons can you take from your previous experiences and apply to your new role as CEO of ADP Ingénierie?

Maire: Firstly, I have no doubt that France still has a very strong image abroad. This is something I have seen for myself in ADP Ingénierie’s international business. One of our company’s strengths lies in its in-depth knowledge of the airport industry and the huge respect it has for its clients. Our services are always informed by what characterises our clients, their country, culture, traditions and vision of the future. We very often work with a local partner in the country in question.

It was recently announced that ADP Ingénierie has been selected to design the new Air Traffic Control Centre of Bahrain International Airport. What innovations are you bringing to the airport?

Maire: The Air Traffic Control Centre will be located directly opposite the new passenger terminal, which we also designed, and will be responsible for overseeing en-route flights. Outside of Asia, there are fewer new airport design projects than there were in the past. It is, therefore, vital that we can contribute to modernising, expanding and optimising existing airports. Secondly, this contract forms part of our ongoing relationship with a client for whom we previously designed a new passenger terminal, a key principle of our development strategy.

Looking ahead, what are your key objectives for the remainder of 2017 and beyond?

Maire: My aim is to grow ADP Ingénierie’s business in an ever-changing environment. The needs of our clients are evolving in a growing market, so we must constantly adapt.

My objective for 2017 is to put the ADPI 1 WORLD business plan and the associated restructuring project into practice as part of the implementation of Groupe ADP’s international development strategy. Our new services will help to win us new clients, while at the same time building loyalty among existing ones.

Gratien Maire curriculum vitae

Gratien Maire (59) was appointed CEO of ADP Ingénierie in January 2017.


  • Vice Chief of the Defence Staff of the French Armed Forces
  • General of the French Air Force
  • Head of the International Relations Division of the French Joint Staff
  • Defence Attaché at the French Embassies in Ottawa and Washington DC
  • Commandant in the French Air Force Academy
  • Technical Advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister

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