Airmagine: Shifting perceptions of digital advertising


Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen, Chairman, Airmagine: “Our advanced use of data and segmentation algorithms means the right messages are reaching the most relevant target groups among travellers. You really have to experience it to truly appreciate it.”

In 2015, Airmagine, a leader in intelligent digital airport advertising, created the world’s first fully digitalised airport advertisement platform at Copenhagen Airport. “Copenhagen was the first airport to go fully digital,” explains Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen, Chairman, Airmagine. “So in that sense it was a bold and successful experiment.”

Today, around 30,000 commercial spots are shown every day on more than 169 screens around the airport, driven by sophisticated playlists. “Copenhagen Airport took a bold and successful decision,” adds Bech-Thomsen. “Our experience there proves that digital advertising is no longer the future for airport advertising, it has arrived, and now it’s time for others to catch up.”

Media revenue has grown by double-digits during the two years Airmagine has been present at Copenhagen Airport – by 11% in the first year and 19% in the second. “We’re proud because that’s against a background of stagnating revenue generally in the outdoor market,” says Bech-Thomsen.

In December 2016, Copenhagen Airport announced the launch of its terminal expansion plans. This is expected to lead to new opportunities for Airmagine. “More passengers mean more opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers with targeted content. We’ll create more screens and that will mean the opportunity for more customer exposure. We know customers enjoy the experience of Copenhagen Airport, and our digital screens are a seamless part of that experience,” Bech-Thomsen explains.

Airmagine is exhibiting at this year’s ACI EUROPE Airport Commercial & Retail Conference & Exhibition in Nice (stand 45) as part of its plans to expand in the European market by demonstrating the cost benefits, reliability and elegance of digital advertising. “We have discovered there are a lot of myths out there about digital advertising and we see knocking down those myths as our mission,” Bech-Thomsen concludes.

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