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Tony Tielen, Regional Vice President – EMEA, Smiths Detection, interviewed by Marta Dimitrova.

As the threat to airports continues to grow, the need to provide a safe and secure environment remains paramount, while also maintaining a high level of passenger experience.

Smiths Detection is a global authority on the application, management and manufacture of world-class detection and screening technology. Today, more than 75,000 of Smiths Detection’s X-ray systems have been delivered worldwide in more than 180 countries. Around 1,000 airports use the company’s products to form the core of their checkpoint and baggage screening solutions. Moreover, Smiths Detection has invested almost €360 million in R&D over the last 10 years, to develop advanced technologies and introduce new products. “With more than 40 years of experience, our mission is to use technology to develop innovative solutions and services which protect life, safeguard society and uphold the free flow of trade,” explains Tony Tielen, Regional Vice President – EMEA, Smiths Detection.

Smiths Detection’s integrated checkpoint, hold baggage and air cargo screening solutions have been developed to support airports in achieving both security and operational objectives.

Recently, the company concluded a contract to supply next generation baggage screening technology to Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which includes eight HI-SCAN 10080 XCT systems with 30 image analysis stations, as well as six HI-SCAN 5180si models, which are flexible enough to be used when needed as a backup in different locations around the airport.

New Global Web Portal

The technologies to counter the risks to airports constantly evolve, therefore, the need to stay informed has never been greater. That is why Smiths Detection has recently launched a new online hub for the aviation sector –, which will host informed, expert opinions and leading voices in the sector. The website launch coincides with the set-up of a dedicated aviation solutions team to help airports improve their security, based on a fully integrated approach to security from kerb to gate.


Tony Tielen, Regional Vice President – EMEA, Smiths Detection: “We provide complete solutions and back-up right from planning and design to commissioning, integration and service for the lifespan of the equipment – all equipment, technologies, software and support from one source.”

In December, the company will launch Checkpoint.Evoplus which is an advanced screening and management platform that transforms individual components and sensors into a single, integrated and intelligent solution.

One of the main product launches for the company next year will be the Checkpoint CT – a next generation Checkpoint Explosives Detection System for carry-on baggage. Its main characteristic is the belt speed of 0.2 m/s, taking ever-increasing passenger numbers and the need for a fast and smooth passenger journey into consideration.

Tielen believes that “sharing knowledge and best practice is vital in improving airport security operations across the globe” and at the ACI Security & Crisis Management Special Summit, alongside Bristol Airport, he will be discussing how “Deepening cooperation between technology providers and airport stakeholders is vital in improving airport security operations across the globe.”

“Looking ahead, our smart technologies will, for example, allow passengers to walk through the checkpoint without removing clothing, electronic devices, liquids, jewellery, keys or any other items from their baggage. Our next-generation chemical and trace explosives detectors will help protect against ever-evolving threat substances in a wide range of environments. Our planned investment in digital transformation, using applications such as IoT and big data analysis, will ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological development in the industry,” he concludes.

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