Immersive advertising onboard Heathrow inter-terminal buses

OmniServ has joined forces with London Heathrow Airport and Wildstone Airports to start selling media across Heathrow’s inter-terminal bus fleet. The first-of-its-kind offering will enable brands to create an impactful presence across the entire fleet of 26 buses.

The digital capabilities of the buses can unlock a wealth of potential for brands utilising NFC technology, iBeacons and digital screens. The media toolkit boasts exterior wraps, interior furnishings, flooring, digital screens and seat-back tablets.

Immersive advertising onboard Heathrow inter terminal buses immersive media environment

The new offering will give brands the opportunity to reach a captive audience in an immersive media environment.

The partnership offering also includes value-added services such as permanent uniformed staff onboard the buses to help passengers with destination information, as well as the ability to fulfil shopping needs, product demonstration and sampling.

Immersive advertising onboard Heathrow inter-terminal buses media toolkit

The media toolkit onboard the fleet of 26 buses includes exterior wraps, interior furnishings, flooring, digital screens, and seatback tablets.

Ernie Patterson, Chairman at OmniServ, said: “OmniServ and Heathrow Airport have enjoyed a long-standing partnership across many aspects of airport operations. We’re incredibly excited at the prospect of opening the door for new revenue generation for the airport by expanding into operational service channels that were previously untapped. This marks another step to ensuring all key touch points in the customer’s connection journey at Heathrow provide a quality, enhancing experience.”

The inter-terminal bus service, which departs approximately every 10 minutes, connects all four terminals at Heathrow, and transports approximately 8.5 million passengers per year with an average dwell time of 13 minutes.

Paula Oliver, Managing Director at Wildstone Airports, added: “As the UK’s premier hub, Heathrow Airport provides an exclusive and highly desirable international audience. We love the interactivity which is possible within these buses, however we are also really excited about the exterior vinyl wrap which will provide a brand with huge advertising canvases, constantly in motion around the airport.”

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