The next evolution in self-service bag drop

The next evolution in self-service bag drop

DSG Systems AS is releasing its next generation self-service bag drop solution, which combines the concept of 1-step and 2-step into a single fully configurable unit.

DSG Systems AS recognises that different customers have different requirements, therefore, its new solution is fitted with a variety of options and functionality, including:

  • Boarding pass scanner
  • Payment solution
  • Bag tag printing
  • Receipt printing
  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID).

The first RFID version has already been manufactured, and is being prepared for installation at its designated airport in April.

The intuitive design has been developed together with an international design bureau, resulting in a modern look. Together with the most recent hardware and the latest software, it is made with the absolute goal of easy integration. This results in a faster and easier travel experience and, therefore, more satisfied passengers. Home printed tags are also supported by the product.

The solution may be fitted into any check-in counter, existing or planned. The unit may either be integrated into the design of the desk before it is manufactured or attached to a desk, a conveyor or to the floor. It may be placed on the side of a conveyor or directly above it, as there are a number of ways to fasten the unit to the existing infrastructure.

Like all solutions from DSG Systems AS, this new product may be fully customised to meet every design and regulatory requirement specified by the customer, while providing maximum usability, safety and IT security. It is also possible to run advertisements or information on the display, when the unit is not in use.

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