EYE4U: Wearable video-based helpdesk support

EYE4U: Wearable video-based helpdesk support

Vanderlande Industries’ EYE4U is a real-time video-based technical support solution for baggage handling system operations.

Diagnosing and correcting situations using live images takes less time, increasing baggage handling system availability. The live video images help to overcome possible language problems and communication misunderstandings, which can be the case with traditional voice-based support.

EYE4U utilises a hands-free video camera and two-way communication, so service personnel at airports can easily work through support questions or troubleshooting with live instruction from a helpdesk specialist. The head-worn camera unit is light and compact and the recorder allows up to nine hours of excellent quality recording. EYE4U comes with a wireless remote control for quick, easy video and image capturing. All live video and image streaming is encrypted for secure communication and can only be accessed by authorised helpdesk specialists. These capabilities make EYE4U a valuable support tool that optimises communication, and as a result enables accurate diagnosis and fast, effective problem-solving.

EYE4U is an option within the Vanderlande Industries hotline & helpdesk support services and further extends its helpdesk capabilities to increase effectiveness, speed response and correct problems in the shortest possible time. It was introduced at inter airport Europe in October 2013, and has already been delivered to companies in the Warehouse Automation sector.

Bergamo Airport is the first airport at which this remote monitoring tool will be implemented.

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