EMAS/arresting systems – an alternative to a RESA

EMAS/arresting systems – an alternative to a RESA

EMAS systems have been installed at 50 airports worldwide, including Kjevik Airport, Kristiansand, Norway. Photo ©Avinor

This includes EMASMAX, the latest, most durable version of Zodiac Arresting Systems’ field-proven EMAS (Engineered Material Arresting System), developed with and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Composed of blocks of lightweight, crushable concrete designed to safely stop aircraft that overshoot runways, it is an acceptable alternative for preventing overrun catastrophes at airports where Runway End Safety Areas (RESAs) do not exist or are impractical due to environmental or other issues.

Annex 14 had previously addressed international Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) for the provision of RESAs to reduce the risk of damage to aircraft during an undershoot or overrun. ICAO’s policy update allows EMAS/arresting systems to be installed within the runway strip, a critical factor when RESAs are non-existent or severely constrained.

For runways with adequate RESA space, an EMAS installation can provide a means of reducing the length of the RESA, freeing up valuable real estate for other airport planning purposes, such as runway extensions.

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